Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Services can Hexa Education provide?

Hexa Education offers daily supply, long term and permanent roles for Teachers, Cover Supervisors, Teaching Assistants and Support Staff throughout the United Kingdom.

How can I contact Hexa Education?

We are available 7.30am until 9pm Monday to Sunday. Simply call or email and we will be happy to help.

I’m not a qualified teacher but I wish to work in education – where can I get experience?

To work on Supply for Hexa Education you will require a minimum of 6 months experience within your current setting or in an environment where you are working with children aged 0-18 years. This can be within a number of environments:

  • Teaching assistant in primary, secondary and specialist support schools
  • Private nursery
  • Working with children as part of church/community/mosque groups
  • Private tuition (any subject)
  • Working in after school clubs/ breakfast clubs/holiday clubs
  • Working as a carer in a children’s home
  • Youth club leader/Brownies/Guides/Sunday school teacher


I have just moved to the UK after working abroad – what do I do?

If you have lived abroad in the last 12 months or have arrived from overseas you must have an overseas police check before you can work for Hexa Education.

I am an Overseas Trained Teacher (OTT). Am I qualified to work in the UK?

For information on OTT’s visit for trustworthy advice and regulations.

How do I register with Hexa Education?

Registering is easy. Contact us by phone, email or through our website by sending your CV and we will make contact with you within 24 hours. Following this, we will ask you a few questions and arrange a face to face meeting to get to know you, find out how we can help you and to learn your strengths, interests and areas you wish to develop.

What checks are carried out by Hexa Education when we are recruiting new staff?

All potential staff are interviewed by a consultant at your local Hexa Education office. ID, employment history and qualifications are checked, professional references obtained and a medical history form is completed. Hexa Education also carries out the DBS checks, or check any that are provided by the applicant in addition to the Barred List check (under the Protection of Children Act). NCTL checks are also carried out if you are a Qualified Teacher.

I haven’t got a DBS – Can I still register?

If you do not have a valid Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) registered onto the Update Service, you will need to have one processed before you can carry out any work for Hexa Education. We can process one for you at a cost of £53, this can take approximately 1-2 weeks. As an Agency we are unable to register directly with the Disclosure and Barring Service as we have fewer than 100 applications over a 12 month period, for this reason we have to process all DBS applications through an Umbrella body called Personnel Checks. This has resulted in an administration fee of £9 on top of the current £44 cost of an Enhanced DBS Certificate per application.

We would then have you to join the Update Service costing you a further £13. For more information on the Update Service visit

I have a DBS that isn’t on the Update Service; can I use it with Hexa Education?

Unfortunately we cannot accept a DBS that is not registered onto the Update Service. This is a safeguarding policy of Hexa Education.

What qualifications/references do I need to work for Hexa Education?

To work for Hexa Education, we require that you possess a valid qualification relevant to your profession, have recent working experience and are able to provide at least two professional references from recent work placement

Why should I keep up to date with appropriate child protection training?

The Department for Education’s (DfE’s) latest safeguarding guidance, Keeping Children Safe in Education April 2014, sets out the statutory requirements for child protection training in schools and colleges. Paragraphs 10-14 of part one explain that all staff should receive “appropriate child protection training which is regularly updated”. The guidance does not specify how regularly this training must be updated, or what it should include but in the introduction on page 3 it also says that all staff should read “at least” part one of the guidance. As an agency we send the Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance to all of our candidates to read and we record who has read this for Safer Recruitment.

Will Hexa Education provide child protection training?

We are currently looking at ways of providing free child protection training for all of our candidates which we will discuss at your registration interview. In the meantime there are companies that can provide online training such as Manchester Safeguarding Children’s Board & the NSPCC. If you do have an up to date child protection training certificate please e-mail this to as soon as you can.

How can I speed up my registration process?

The areas which take time to complete your registration include attaining references and a completed DBS check. Registering with the update service will allow us to check your DBS status within minutes rather than completing a new application, this will speed up your registration process greatly. In regards to your references, a great way to increase a response is providing a business email for your referees and also asking their permission first.

How can I improve my chances of getting work?

Keeping us up to date with your availability on a regular basis is important to maximise your work opportunities. A weekly update is advised.

How much notice will I be given for a new booking?

This can vary greatly, from a few weeks to on the morning of the booking. If you wish to only be informed of a booking with notice, please advise a consultant during your interview.

I am only available for one day a week, can you offer me work?

Hexa Education will work alongside you and aim to meet your individual needs.

Can I choose to work part time?

Hexa Education gives you the flexibility to choose when you work.

How often do I get paid?

Hexa Education pay all staff on a weekly basis. Payment is subject to us receiving a signed/approved timesheet for the work completed during the week.

How do Timesheets work at Hexa Education?

Timesheets are processed at the end of each week. These are then sent to schools via Hexa Education and returned to us either approved or rejected.

How is my tax affected if I am working for more than one Agency?

During your registration we will ask you to complete a P46 to ensure your tax code is processed correctly. Please contact the Tax Office with any queries relating to this.

Am I entitled to travel expenses?

Unfortunately not, but sometimes at our discretion we can help towards a particularly long journey.

I was previously registered with you and want to re-apply – what do I need to do?

Get in touch! We keep your details safe and secure for a minimum of 5 years. We would organise a re-registration interview to start the process of making your file active again.

How do I request for my details to be removed, e.g. mailings, e-mail, SMS?

Simply let us know and we will dispose of your personal information safe and securely.

How do I request my P45?

Send an email, text or telephone the branch with your request.